What is Dental Plaque and How to Beat it

Dental plaque is a problem everyone faces on a day-to-day basis. Plaque that builds up and solidifies turns then into tartar and becomes even more challenging to remove. What are the best ways to tackle plaque?



Your first line of defense against plaque is brushing your teeth. As you brush, the bristles move in between your teeth, cleaning away the majority of the plaque and tartar. Doing this twice a day is going to decrease plaque in your mouth significantly.



Even after you brush, plaque is still hiding in your mouth; flossing helps you get the bits that are hiding. By flossing in between all of your teeth, you can clearly and cleanly bring away all of the plaque there.


Bi-Annual Cleaning

Your best option for fighting plaque and tartar is to go to visit our office for a dental clearing twice a year! These cleanings are different from the brushing you do every day. We go in-depth to ensure your mouth is thoroughly cleaned.


Plaque build-up can be a difficult thing to tackle, but as long as you brush and floss regularly and you visit our Dentist's office in Pendleton, IN twice a year for a cleaning, you'll be doing well! Feel free to call us today to schedule your next dental cleaning!