Pendleton Dentist Shares Teeth Whitening Basics

Whitening your teeth is a simple procedure that can be performed right at the office of your Pendleton dentist. It not only reduces discoloration and staining but also ensures a brighter and whiter smile. 
Teeth Whitening Basics
When you suffer from yellow or brown stains on the teeth, you are a great candidate for teeth whitening. There are a number of techniques used to brighten the teeth. Among your options include mild acid whitening, chemical whitening, abrasive teeth whitening or laser teeth whitening.
Teeth bleaching uses a chemical process which lightens the color. This can be done at the dentist or you can take the materials home. Many people opt to do the treatment in the comfort of their home instead.
Before you choose any home whitening treatment plan, the dentist makes a tray to fit your mouth. These aren’t the one-size fits all that you find at the drugstores. They are custom made to mold to your teeth.  It is easy to follow the instructions for at home use and you’ll also be seen by the dentist to check in on your progress.
Doing the treatments at home typically take a couple of hours at a time. Sometimes, it is recommended to keep the tray in overnight. After a few weeks, you’ll return to the dentist for a follow-up visit.
If you prefer to try out laser whitening treatment, this is done at the dentist’s office. The bleaching gel is put on the teeth and then activated by a laser light. The treatment length depends on the severity of discoloration you suffer from. It usually only takes one visit to accomplish the shade you want, but people tend to notice the big difference right away. It is not a subtle change. In addition, this plan is the most expensive mainly because it works so effectively. 
Results of Teeth Whitening
It is important to note that whitening the teeth at home is never a permanent treatment. Results typically last for a year or two depending on the patient’s personal habits. 
If you are interested in what teeth whitening option is best for you, be sure to speak with your Pendleton dentist at your next checkup. Give our office a call today at (765) 778-7558 to schedule your next appointment.