Pendleton Dentist Discusses Springtime Allergies and Your Dental Health

Spring is a beautiful season filled with new-life and wonder all around. For some people, this season creates allergies that make it a real nightmare instead. Pollen causes breathing difficulty and coughs for a large number of people in the country. With this time also comes some dental concerns.
Springtime Allergies
With the symptoms of allergies being closely related to a common cold, it can be difficult determining which you are dealing with. As we inhale allergens, our immune system goes to work fighting back. This leads to an inflammatory process to rid the body of the allergen. The result is a stuffy, runny nose plus sneezing and itching of the nasal passages. 
You may be familiar with these common symptoms, but did you know allergies also affect your dental health?
Dental Health and Allergies
Your sinuses are closely placed with your teeth. The condition of either one inevitably affects the other. Bacteria, pollen, smoke and fungus all lead to inflammation of the sinus cavities. This, in turn, leads to an infection. If it’s not treated, it eventually spreads to the nerves in your tooth roots and face. You might notice a majority of pain in your upper teeth because they are closer to your sinuses.
Springtime also brings dry mouth for many people. Saliva is an essential part of healthy oral health. It’s needed to clean out any food debris and it also neutralizes bacteria. When we don’t have proper amounts of saliva in our mouth, our enamel deteriorates over time. The best thing to do is increase your intake of water and attempt to stay hydrated.
You’ll never truly avoid the effects of allergies on your teeth, but there are some ways to reduce the damage. 
Stay home during high levels of pollen
Look for some natural remedies or prescriptions to deal with allergies
Use nasal sprays if you suffer from severe allergies
If you need help dealing with the dental effects of seasonal allergies, contact your Pendleton dentist for an appointment. Together, you can work out a treatment plan that protects your teeth from harm. Family Dental of Pendleton can be reached at (765) 778-7558, we look forward to your call!